Because I Said So!

More Ding Dong From the Profession of Psychology

August 29, 2023 John Rosemond Season 1 Episode 22
Because I Said So!
More Ding Dong From the Profession of Psychology
Because I Said So! with John Rosemond
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Psychology - a field of knowledge or a landmine of misconceptions? Prepare to get your beliefs challenged as I expose the real behind the reel. In this episode, I explore more ding-dong ideas of psychology with a special focus on Diane  Ehrensaft's assertion of infinite genders. Are you ready to question what you've always been told and unlearn in order to learn the truth?

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Speaker 1:

Hello and welcome back to Because I Said so the only podcast on the entire worldwide web where you will hear the truth about psychology and the truth about children and the truth about child rearing, or what is today known as parenting. I'm your host, john Roseman. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you continue to do so. I have on many occasions told my listeners that the profession of psychology is saturated with individuals who have ding-dong ideas, and I will persist in reminding you of that for two reasons. First, because the public should be aware of the realities of clinical psychology so they can make informed choices when it comes to seeking help for emotional and behavioral issues, especially those that involve children, and it goes without saying that the more well informed the consumer, the better the choices the consumer will make. The second reason I will persist in exposing psychology as a pseudoscience is because a pseudoscience has no valid claim to be regarded as a profession and regulated as such by the state. In that regard, I'm on record as encouraging state's attorneys generals to charge state psychology boards with aiding and abetting deceptive business practices. Specifically, psychologist's administer tests that are not scientifically valid. Psychologists assign diagnoses that have no scientific validity whatsoever. Psychologists engage in therapies that have no proven efficacy. I propose that psychology is nothing but a philosophy. It pertains to science, but it is not science. It does not qualify as a science. It qualifies only as a philosophy. Furthermore, it's a philosophy of human nature that consists of theories that have never been proven. In short, psychology is a farce. To be clear, most of the people who earn the title of psychologist this has been my experience they're sincere, well-intentioned individuals. My experience also says that most of the people in question, especially when it comes to matters involving children, don't know which end is up and, despite their good intentions, often do more harm than good. Now, for those of you who are listening to this podcast for the first time, you need to know that I am a psychologist. Since 1978, that's 45 years I've been licensed by the North Carolina Psychology Board. Rest assured, the North Carolina Psychology Board regrets the day they ever gave me a license Proof of that. They've tried to take it away from me on three separate occasions Not, by the way, because I dispensed harmful advice. No client of mine has ever complained about me to the board not one. The board has tried to take my license away because they didn't like something I said in my newspaper column, for example, I say the profession of psychology is saturated with people who don't know what they're talking about. Anyway, thanks to good lawyers, I still have my license. I really don't use it, but I'm not about to relinquish it without a good fight. I earned it. Before I go any further, I began by saying psychology is full of people with ding dong ideas. In all fairness, I need to define what I mean by a ding dong idea, and I will. A ding dong idea is an idea that makes not the slightest shred of rational sense. Well, actually, ding dong ideas make sense to people with equally ding dong ideas, but ding dong ideas make no sense whatsoever to people who possess sound thought processes. The latest psychologist to come out of the ding dong closet is one, diane Aronsoft, a professor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and chief psychologist at the university's Children's Hospitals Gender Development Center. Hold that thought. I'm going to repeat myself, so you are sure to get this correctly Psychologist Diane Aronsoft is chief psychologist at the University of California, san Francisco Children's Hospitals Gender Development Center. Okay, so let's stop right there, folks. Gender does not develop. There are two genders, male and female. Those two genders, the only two genders that exist in the real world, don't develop. A person either possesses male biology or she possesses female biology. That determination is fixed at the moment of conception. The first complete cell, the form when a male sperm penetrates a female ovum, is either a male cell or a female cell. There's no in between. There's no third type. Furthermore, every cell that is produced from that point on is either male or female. There is no development there, no ongoing process that would allow a person with, say, male DNA to suddenly, by force of whim, turn magically into a female. But psychologist Diane Aronsoft, who, I will remind, occupies highly influential positions at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, at the University of California San Francisco Children's Hospital, does not agree with anything I just said, all of which can be verified using objective evidence. According to psychologist Diane Aronsoft, there is an infinity of genders. That is what she is on record as saying. There is an infinity of genders, which means there are so many genders they cannot be counted. That supposed infinity of genders includes genders that have yet to be discovered. It also includes a number of what Aronsoft calls quote gender hybrids, end quote. She calls one such hybrid the quote gender creus. End quote. That's right. Psychologist Diane Errensoft, who occupies highly influential positions in the University of California San Francisco medical system, claims that there is a gender called gender Prius. Like the Toyota In our presentation, a recent presentation at the San Francisco Public Library, errensoft said she first heard of a gender Prius when she met a young child who wore a basketball uniform along with a long blonde braid held together with a pink bow. I'm a boy in the front and I'm a girl in the back, so I'm a hybrid, the child's, told Errensoft supposedly. Do I believe Errensoft's story? No, I think she's making it up. Well, whether she's telling the truth or not, the point of the story is that PhD clinical psychologist and Children's Hospital administrator, diane Errensoft believes that a human being can be two genders at the same time. In other words, in Errensoft's world of ding-dong ideas, the boy in question is not simply toying with the idea of being a boy and a girl, he really is both a boy and a girl. Because keep in mind, folks, that people like Errensoft, gender cannot be defined objectively in terms of biology. According to people like highly influential psychologist Diane Errensoft, who occupies positions within the University of California medical system, gender is an abstract concept and each individual is free to manipulate the concept as he or she or it desires. So I would ask a psychologist, errensoft, if biology does not define gender, does it define species Asked differently? If a person with male biology can validly claim to be a female, then can a person with human biology make an equally valid claim to be a bird? Aaron Soft has no choice, really, but to answer yes, A human being can make a valid claim to be a bird, a turkey buzzard. If she answers no a human being cannot be a turkey buzzard then Aaron Soft has contradicted herself and invalidated, therefore, her contention that a person with male biology can be, in fact, a female. The question also arises in Aaron Soft's world of an infinite number of genders. If there is a gender Prius, is there a gender? Ford 250 turbo diesel truck that's the truck I drive, by the way and if so, how is that gender defined? Does the person in question drink diesel fuel instead of water? Anyway, I'll leave you to ponder that conundrum on your own, moving right along. Psychologist Diane Aaron Soft of the University of California San Francisco Medical System also claims to have met a child who claimed to be a boy from the waist up and a girl from the waist down. She calls the child a gender minotaur, like the half bull, half man of ancient Greek myth. I suppose, then, that if a child, without any visual impairment, insists upon wearing a patch over one eye, the child is, in Aaron Soft's world of gender infinity, a gender cyclops. Aaron Soft also believes children can change their genders by season. Folks, this is what she is on record as saying. She believes children can change their genders by season. Aaron Soft maintains, for instance, that a child can be a girl during a school year and a boy in the summer, or vice versa. Aaron Soft also believes children can change genders by location, that a child can be a boy in one location, like his grandparents house, and a girl in another, like his own home. Children can also be gender Teslas. That wasn't clear, so I'm left to imagine that a girl who thinks she's a boy stops thinking she's a boy If her battery runs out of juice, or something like that. This is why I'm calling this stuff ding dong folks. It just makes absolutely no sense, and the idea that a person who occupies highly influentials within the positions within the state of California's university and medical systems is saying stuff like this is just unbelievably outrageous. Anyway, erinsof's biography on her university's website I'll just bet she wrote it herself describes her doing research. That quote focuses on the development and psychological experiences of transgender, gender, non-binary, gender expansive or gender exploring children and adolescents end quote. The biography goes on to say that Erinsof does quote involved in studies of the developmental pathways of gender expansive children before they reach puberty, and mental health outcomes for youths who choose puberty blockers or gender affirming hormones as part of their pediatric gender care end quote. And I can help with that issue. The research finds that a good number of kids good research, scientific research, research that qualifies as publishable finds that a good number of kids who are subjected by manipulative adults in the medical and psychological professions to what is called gender affirming care later regret the nature of the care they received, regret having ever submitted themselves for what is ironically called gender affirming care. Some of these kids are even suing the physicians in hospitals that provided said care. Other research finds that kids who were manipulated into accepting puberty blockers suffer later permanent bone maturation issues. More and more of these kids, when they are in late adolescence and early childhood, are publicly confessing that their mental health is in the toilet. Aron Soft, however, seems to believe that she is on a moral crusade to help children realize the reality of who they truly truly are, which is something their biology says they're not. Aron Soft says that, quote. Children come to us meaning her and her staff with their gender creativity and again quote what we owe them in return is exposure to the widest variety of gender expressions and identities and an open pathway for them to explore their own. What a bunch of beeeeeep. No, what the children in question are owed are adults who will talk to them compassionately and honestly. If you're interested in learning what that's all about, I highly recommend the book Lost in Trans Nation by eminent child psychiatrist Miriam Grossman. Dr Grossman's book indicts the official position on transgenderism that's been adopted by the mental health and medical professions, a position that affirms the irrationality of believing that a 10-year-old boy who impulsively claims to be a girl should be helped to become a girl by mutilating his body and giving him drugs with serious negative side effects. That same position has also shown to be shown to be responsible for a number of child and teenage suicides. That position is completely irrational, completely indefensible and completely irresponsible. When I was in graduate school in the late 1960s and early 70s, every graduate student in my program was required to take a battery of tests that ascertained their mental health. If you didn't pass the test, you were asked to leave the program. In my grad student class one student must have flunked the mental health screening because we never saw him again. The process was certainly not without flub, but it at least acknowledged that people who wanted to enter the field of clinical psychology should be people with decent mental health, above average mental health. Shortly after I graduated, the program dropped that requirement, probably because a lawyer advised them to do so. To my knowledge, no psychology graduate program in the country still screens their graduate students for serious mental health issues, which means if someone wants to become a psychologist and is able to pass the required courses, the person can become a psychologist, even if the person in question is as crazy as a loon. Oh and, by the way, I'm not saying psychologist Diane Aronsoft, who believes there's an infinity of genders, including gender Tesla, gender Prius, gender Minotaur. I'm not saying psychologist Diane Aronsoft, who believes those things and occupies highly influential positions in the University of California medical system, is as crazy as a loon. I don't know her. I have only journalist reports about her at my disposal, so I'm not qualified to make a determination of Aronsoft's mental health. What I can say, however, is that her statements about children and gender are not objectively verifiable. In short, they make no sense. Quite simply, a person who makes no sense when it comes to the issue of children and gender should not be treating children who are confused and can be easily manipulated into cooperating with procedures that will be irreversible and potentially destructive to both their mental and physical health. Okay, that's a wrap. For more information about your fearless leader and my mission to restore common sense to the raising of children, visit my website at parent guru, parent guru dot com. Check out and subscribe to my substack, which you can find at substack dot com. Please spread the word and, above all else, keep on rockin' in the free world. Thank you.

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