Because I Said So!

Is it Summer Camping or Summer Vamping?

August 15, 2023 John Rosemond Season 1 Episode 20
Because I Said So!
Is it Summer Camping or Summer Vamping?
Because I Said So! with John Rosemond
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By what process does a six-year-old determine that he/she/them is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum? He/she/they go to an LGBTQ+ summer camp where drag queens vamp and the counselors specialize in recruiting through arts and crafts.

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Shall we all be running while you pray they keep you up all night long on the radio show, because I Hello there and welcome to because I said so the only podcast on the entire world wide web where you will hear the truth about psychology and the mental health professions. From a heretic psychologists that would be me John Rosemond, your host. Thanks for joining us. And let's rock and roll with us the summer of 2023. I'm now broadcasting in August of the summer of 2023. The summer of 2023 is the summer of my awakening to the factual, real life. Existence of summer camps. for LGBTQ plus children, and children of LGBTQ plus parents, you got to remember the plus which means there are more to come. Yes, folks. kampsen question are day camps and sleepover camps for children as young as six, first grade, six years old, that are staffed by persons in the LGBTQ plus community. These camps exist, supposedly, to help the children in question learn that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer. And whatever else is encompassed by the plus is perfectly okay. And that when things get tough, they have a supportive community behind them at least. That is what these camps advertise themselves to be. And we'll come back to that in a moment. But first, let me make myself perfectly clear. This is a hot, controversial subject. And so I need to make myself perfectly clear. To be perfectly clear, perfectly honest, perfectly truthful. I am not averse to people who are homosexual, transsexual, bisexual, what whatever sexual. I am not averse to those people. I am, however, a believing Christian. which means In my case, at least, that I believe the Bible is the Word of God is inspired by the Holy Spirit. And I believe that God's word on the subject of homosexuality, et cetera, is the final word on the subject. God also tells me however to love my neighbor. It is not put qualifications on that love, as in Love your neighbor if he puts no qualifications on loving your neighbor, so I love my neighbor. I love my atheist neighbor. I love my neighbor who clearly doesn't love me. I love my liberal democrat and neighbor. And I love my homosexual neighbor. I have a family member who's a practicing homosexual, I love him to the ends of the earth. And I pray that he awakened someday to the deception that he has bought into and that is controlling his life. The LGBTQ plus community strictly on the basis of my belief that homosexuality is an egregious sin. Labels me and people like me with the term homo phobic. A phobia. I'm a psychologist, folks, I know this stuff backwards and forwards A phobia is a form of anxiety disorder. A phobia is defined as an irrational aversive reaction to something or someone, some group of people. Okay, the homosexuals whom I personally know will testify 100% of them, that I am not irrationally averse to them as human beings. I get along with them. We laugh at jokes together, we broken bread together. I simply think they have been deceived. So being clear, I am not averse, much less phobic to people who are homosexual, bisexual, transgender, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I am, however averse to what they do. I am averse to certain sexual practices. And I am definitely averse to involving gullible vulnerable impressionable children in either homosexual or heterosexual practices. I am averse to attempts by certain influential persons in the LGBTQ plus community to propagandize children with pro LGBTQ plus ideas. I'm a pro as opposed to grooming children for future participation in the LGBTQ plus lifestyle and that is clearly what the summer camps in question are doing. They are propagandizing and they are grooming. One of the summer camps in question calls itself born that way. The name born that way reflects what in my estimation, ranks as one of the most successful mass deceptions of our time. The completely utterly unsubstantiated notion that homosexuality, transgenderism and so on are congenital, that they are established that a person's biology before the person is born. Allow me pleased to be perfectly clear and again truthful. No body of authentically scientific evidence proves that claim. No one has ever identified a so called gay gene. No one has ever isolated a biochemical or a proportion of bio chemicals that is exclusive to persons who are homosexual, transgender, and so on. No neuroscientists, has ever identified a brain feature that is exclusive to such persons. And mind you the search for the gay gene chemical or brain feature has been going on for more than a half century, using increasingly sophisticated technologies, more than 50 years of refined scientific investigation, and the search for a biological cause of homosexuality, et cetera, et cetera, has come up empty handed. And by the way, the twins studies that supposedly prove that homosexuality is inborn, are deeply flawed. They prove nothing other than the fact that social science has been all but corrupted, completely corrupted by political correctness. So then someone may ask what are those individuals who claim to have had same sex attraction when they were four or five years old? who supposedly knew they were gay when they were that young? Well, to that I say what science says, which is that memories of that sort are highly unreliable. peer reviewed research into human memory finds that people will construct false memories in order to support something they want to believe about themselves or the world around them. In addition, I will simply point out But the common sense does not lend credence to those reports by certain people of having known they were gay when they were 3456 years old. Did you know what your sexual orientation was when you were, let's say four or five. No heterosexual person I've ever spoken with concerning this topic, had any comprehension of sexuality when they were that age, I didn't. It's interesting indeed, that the only people who seem to have such memories are homosexuals, transgenders, et cetera. I've spoken to a good number of individuals who were once immersed in the LGBTQ plus lifestyle who subsequently were able to extract themselves from it. In every single instance, the people in question have told me they were deceived. bamboozle. They have told me that homosexuality is an addiction, an almost irresistible compulsion. I am reminded of a study that one of my graduate school professors talked about, he wouldn't be able to talk about it today. He'd be canceled, fired, tarred and feathered, holed up by his thumbs. Burned steak. We live in interesting times, folks. Anyway, the study that my graduate school professor talked about, discovered that homosexual males on average, think about sex 10 times more often then do heterosexual males. On an average daily basis. That finding certainly supports what my former homosexual reporters have told me that homosexual sex is an addiction, a compulsion. For all those reasons It can therefore be reasonably and rationally concluded that being a homosexual, and so on and so forth comes down to a matter of individual choice. why certain people make that choice and other people do not is unknown. What we do know is that as Pro homosexual propaganda has flooded the marketplace of ideas. The percentage of homosexuals in the population has increased and dramatically. So concerning children, what we know is that children and I'm including teenagers in this assessment, are impressionable gullible and swayed by appeals to emotion. And that is precisely what the summer camps in question are up to. They combine pro homosexual propaganda with a fun and exciting experience. In the world of experimental psychology, it's called operant conditioning, the children in question. Children who are attending these LGBTQ plus summer camps are being led to believe that being a homosexual, transgender etc. is fun and exciting. If you want to see for yourself what I'm talking about Google, LGBTQ summer camps for children. And check out the piece that was done by NBC News. Earlier this month, August of 2023. Watch young children being taught arts and crafts by drag queens, arts and crafts that are LGBTQ themed summer camps in question claimed to be teaching LGBTQ plus children and children of LGBTQ plus parents to accept to they are to have pride in who they are to celebrate who they are, and so on and so forth. But that is not their primary aim. Their primary aim is to recruit. You gotta hand it to him. The LGBTQ plus propagandize errs, have figured out how to recruit with significant success. They are using public schools to recruit for them. They're using secular private schools to recruit for them. They're even using some Christian in name only schools to recruit for them. They are using the mainstream media to recruit they're using Certain mainstream Christian in name only churches to recruit Hollywood is recruiting for them. The entire entertainment industry is recruiting for them by passing laws that allow gay couples to adopt. Politicians are unwittingly recruiting for them and now in the summer of 2023, we have summer camps for children is six, recruiting for them. The success of LGBT Q plus recruiting may in fact be the marketing coup of the 21st century. And that's a wrap folks. This has been another exciting episode of because I said so. I'm your host John Roseman. This is the only podcast on the entire world wide web where you'll hear the truth about psychology, the mental health professions children and child rearing. If you enjoyed it, I certainly hope you do. I hope you join us again. Same time, same station once a week, check out my substack while you're at it, check out my websites a John and parent And by all means, folks, keep on rockin in the free world