Because I Said So!

Psychology and Wokeism

July 25, 2023 John Rosemond Season 1 Episode 17
Because I Said So!
Psychology and Wokeism
Because I Said So! with John Rosemond
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Psychology is now officially mentally ill. Who will it go to for therapy?

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Got yourself children they all be running while you pray they keep you up all night long on the radio show, because once again Hello and welcome to because I said so the only podcasts on the entire world wide web where are you the listener going to hear the truth but psychology in the mental health professions in general as well as the truth about children and child rearing or what is now called parenting? I'm your host John Rosemond heretic psychologist and best selling author of numerous books on children and child rearing. I'm also the self proclaimed thorn in the side of America's mental health professions which you don't already know you will soon find out. The motto for this podcast I should tell you the motto to all of my podcasts in fact is a quote from the infamous Hendley, Lamar. The quote goes as follows My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with a rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternative. Yes, Headley Lamar, this episode of because I said so we'll be at another example of the raging torrent that is my mind. I'm glad you've joined us political psychology. I am a clinical psychologist by training and license is the most atheist and the leftist profession in the U S, have a assessment that might in fact apply to the entire world. Since becoming licensed in 1978, I can count on one hand with less than five fingers. The number of fellow clinical psychologists I've met who are either unabashedly conservative, or admit to believing that Christ Jesus was what he claimed to be God incarnate. bipole is informal and unscientific, of course, nonetheless, a conclusion drawn from more than 45 years of experience is difficult to dismiss. Now, however, the actual numbers are in and the numbers confirm my 45 year long experience. Writing for The Wall Street Journal, an article titled The doctor won't see you know, posted on July the 16th 2023, New York City clinical psychologist and founder of the open therapy Institute, Andrew arts, warns that quote, the same ideologies by which he means woek, leftist, neoliberal socialist ideologies that have infiltrated education, medicine and the legal profession of all also invaded mental health care. Arts points out for example, that the American Psychological Association of which I am not, nor ever have been, nor ever intend to be a member has said basically, that traditional masculinity is a psychological disorder. Either the American Psychological Association is populated by a bunch of bigots or they don't have a clue when it comes to traditional masculinity or both. Personally I vote for both. Before I go any further though, let me be unclear, contrary to popular opinion and the disguise, psychologists want to maintain, as I say what I'm about to say keep in mind that I am a psychologist. My colleagues are not, generally speaking the sharpest knives in the drawer. They believe themselves to be members of an intellectual elite. That's true. But in most cases that's simply oppose. Most psychologists remember our raging liberals and a few pay close attention. Liberals do not construct good arguments when it comes to defending their belief systems. Instead, they engage in name calling. That's the way liberals quote, win, and quote, arguments. If you disagree with a liberal or try to point out the fallacy and his or her position. They shout names at you you're a racist or a phobe of some variety, you know, a homophobe or a transfer and islamophobe. That form of argument it's called ad hominem. Meaning when you disagree with their position on something instead of putting up a rational defense, they try to create the impression that your disagreement means you are morally defective. The ad hominem argument is without exception, the mark of a person who ain't so smart. So with that in mind, if any wolky Psychologists are listening, I certainly hope they are. Let me help them out with a definition of traditional male. First, the traditional male is a fellow who is not confused when it comes to his gender. From the American Psychological Associations, associations point of view, that alone qualifies him as a narrow minded member of the woman hating patriarchy. Second, the traditional male as a stand up guy who believes in traditional marriage, the traditional family believes that when push comes to shove, it is his responsibility to provide for and protect his wife and children. The proverbial buck stops with em. Third, the traditional males a fellow who believes in personal responsibility, he does not believe it's your responsibility to provide him or the members of his family with a decent standard of living. Fourth, the traditional male believes that work steady job provides not only a standard of living, but also provides dignity and the traditional male is a guy who believes in and possesses authentic dignity. Fifth, the traditional male, the American traditional male, that is, is a patriot who believes the United States of America is the greatest country in all of history. He believes that the Constitution is comprised of the greatest set of governing principles mankind has ever known, and that this country is worth defending. In short, America needs additional mails and lots of them. We sure as heck aren't going to last long in a dog eat dog world without them. So here we have the American Psychological Association ragging on traditional males. What does that tell you? It should tell you that the American Psychological Association is a bunch of known things that would sell this country down the river in a heartbeat. Members of the American Psychological Association are what Lenin and the Bolsheviks called useful idiots. But let's move on. The American Psychoanalytic Association in its a journal has published a paper calling, quote, white nests and quote, a quote, malignant, parasitic, like condition and quote. Okay, so the American Psychoanalytic Association And, as published the paper in its journal, calling white nests, a malignant, parasitic, like condition. Okay, allow me to translate that for you. It's really deep oats, it's really deep. The American Psychoanalytic Association believes that white people are comparable to leeches, and other blood sucking organisms. And if you're white, and you're listening, and you find that offensive, don't don't find it offensive, because that comparison doesn't mean anything about you. It does, however, mean something about the profession of psychology. It means that psychologists and mental health professionals in general, are not to be trusted by people of any skin tone. I mean, if you met someone and discovered that the person in question thought White folks were societal leeches I mean, it doesn't matter what color you are. If you met someone, and you discovered that the person in question slot people with white skin were, by virtue of their white skin, which they didn't choose to have people with white skin were societal leeches. Would you trust that individual to give you sound advice when it came to helping you think rationally about certain problems and issues in your life? Whether you were white, black, brown, green, blue, or pink, an alleged shade of pink by the way, full disclosure there? Would you seek advice from a person who believed something that vile and stupid based on the color of a person's skin? If you're reasonably intelligent, your answer to that question is, hell no, not just No. But hell no. By the way, hell is a biblical word. It's found throughout the Bible. Hell no. You wouldn't want that person is a neighbor. And if he was you'd stay the hell away from him. Okay, so we're on a roll here. Let's roll some more. At a reason speech she gave at Yale University, one of the most distinguished universities in the world, a prominent psychiatrist. We won't say her name. A prominent psychiatrists speaking at Yale University, shared with her audience her fantasies of killing white people. Ah, let me ask any people of color in my audience, if you are going to that person for help with emotional mental problems, whatever, and you found out that she has shared publicly are fantasies of killing white people. Would you continue going to her for treatment? I hope your answer is hell no. Because it's one thing to have fantasies of killing people, but to share them. And proudly so before an audience at Yale University means the person in question is probably crazy. Like wacko, crazy, but we're not done at a recent professional conference sponsored by the American Psychological Association. One of the presentations was titled The white supremacist within the presenter meant by the way that all white persons carry a narrow minded racist white supremacist bigot around inside of themselves and are often if not generally ruled by it. I being white, although I am actually remember a pale shade of pink of an inner white supremacist waiting for the right moment to burst out like the Alien and start what what what killing people who are not white I mean, that is just plain, not so wacko, crazy and on and on it goes. These examples speak to the nature Have America's mental health professions. professions that like journalism were beginning in the late 1960s, infiltrated and eventually co opted by people who are on the crazy spectrum. People whose thought processes are driven predominantly by emotion in other words, I thought I saw it coming in the early to mid 1970s. But at the time, I did not realize that what I was seeing was the slow but sure replacement of any semblance of science with woke ideology. Today the mental health professions champion, homosexuality, transgenderism and will in the near future, marked by words champion, pedophilia. Consider that many mental health professionals are already calling pedophiles, quote, minor attracted persons and quote. That's right. Many mental health professionals are already calling pedophiles minor attracted persons, as if being a child oriented sexual pervert is no different really than being attracted to tall below. According to these same mental health idiots, the term pedophile is stigmatizing who has said my go to dictionary defines stigmatize as, quote, to describe or regard something such as a characteristic or group of people in a way that shows strong disapproval, end quote. Right at files should be strongly disapproved of, and even imprisoned for life if they can't control their perverted impulses. Here's an example of what I'm talking about concerning just just the invasion of Wolcott ism into previously respectable profession. In this case, the profession I'm going to be talking about is journalism, which was my daughter, Amy's minor, at the University of North Carolina, on the campus located in the People's Republic of Chapel Hill. When Amy graduated from UNC, People's Republic of Chapel Hill, she told me that to get an A in a journalism class. And this was like 30 years ago, to get an A in a journalism class. All she had to do was a show up for class, a and b, participate in class discussions that consisted almost exclusively of bashing straight white Republican males. So don't think for a minute that today's liberal news outlets you know, the Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC and so on, are providing news. They are propaganda machines. I think less, they more. But back to my profession, psychology, and the mental health professions in general. We're talking about people who will jump on any politically correct bandwagon that rolls through this country. When I was in graduate school, late 60s, early 70s, my professors taught me that a proper therapist was a person who could bring objectivity to another person's mental and emotional difficulties. A person couldn't be objective, but I was taught, the person shouldn't be a therapist. That standard was actually applied. Today, we'd be left with maybe 10 therapists in the entire United States of America. So I think I've pretty well proven with the help of clinical psychologist Andrew Hart's, founder of the open therapy Institute, that people in the mental health professions by and large, and I'm absolutely certain there are exceptions. Nonetheless, by and large people in the mental health professions are on the wacko spectrum. It shouldn't be trusted with anything more dangerous than a broom. Again, I'm glad you joined me for this yet another torrent of political incorrectness. Please check out my substack If you feel inspired to support my mission to preserve and promote truth and rational thinking. Please subscribe in which case I'd be most grateful. By all means folks. keep on rockin in the free world. Rock and roll is good for soul