Because I Said So!

Toilet Training and Other Things Psychologists Get Completely Wrong

June 27, 2023 Season 1 Episode 13
Because I Said So!
Toilet Training and Other Things Psychologists Get Completely Wrong
Because I Said So! with John Rosemond
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As recently as the 1950s, toilet training was accomplished in three to seven agony-free days. Today, because of monkey wrenches, it causes many a mother to pull her hair out. Learn the ancient secret to toilet training before your child turns into the equivalent of a one-year-old dog.

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Shall we all be running? A radio show because I Hey out there. Welcome to another exciting episode of The only podcast on the World Wide Web that tells you the truth about the mental health professions diagnoses psychiatric medication, psychology therapy, and so on and so forth. So have I told you that I take requests? Yes, I do. I take requests I'm in. So if you have an idea for this podcast, let me know I don't take all requests behind you. But I do take requests so request away. A mother somewhere in America has done exactly that she beseeches, which means to request with great feeling an emphasis that I reveal the ancient formula for potty training a two year old. She also asked that I tell her how to stop her two year old from being aggressive toward her one year old. So I'll begin with toilet training about which I have written a book titled toilet training without tantrums. I'm not going to save you from reading the book which is out of print, but can still be obtained as a use book on Amazon. But I will give the main points shall begin doing by saying emphatically and unequivocally. Do not wait until your child is two years old. That's 24 months to toilet train, I beseech you. In fact, I know waiting until to even two and a half even three, even three and a half standard operating procedure in today's parenting culture. In America, that is 99% of pediatricians and 99% of psychologists and other mental health types tell parents to wait past a child's second birthday to begin toilet training long past in fact, six months to a year past. They claim without the slightest shred of credible evidence that toilet training before age two is doomed to failure. And if it does happen to succeed, it's at the price of the child in question growing up burdened with all manner of psychological demons. Again, there is not the slightest iota of credible evidence that toilet training a pre two year old child is psychologically perilous. Consider in the 1950s the last decade during which almost all children were trained before their second birthdays, the mental health of children was at least 10 times better than it is today. I'm sure that had more to do with things other than toilet training. But still, toilet training must have been a factor. The very notion that toilet training is fraught with psychological landmines is hogwash, folks, it's no more psychologically hazardous than the proper process of teaching your child to use a spoon to feed himself you don't watch for and worry about spoon readiness signs, do you? Of course not. You don't approach spoon training with anxiety Do you? Of course that well then simply bring that same calm confidence to toilet training. That is the ancient secret in question. So let me ask a question. Is it easier to house train a four month old puppy or a one year old dog? And everyone says oh the four month old puppy right? It is easier much much easier in fact to house train the four month old puppy if you wait until the dog is a year old to begin to house train Seeing the dogs habit of peeing and pooping wherever and whenever will be so ingrained. You will pay the devil teaching the dog a new set of tricks. You may end up with a dog who continues to pee and poo in your house when he's three or four are longer even. What are the pediatricians and psychologists in question thinking? They're dingdong advice on toilet training is causing parents boatloads upon boatloads of unnecessary anxiety and frustration while at the same time making them said pediatricians and psychologists that is boatloads of money. Helping parents with boatloads of problems their advice caused, actually the money is being made mostly by psychologists because by the time parents come to their pediatricians pulling their hair out because their kids don't seem to be getting the fundamentals of using toilets. The pediatricians pass on the problem by referring the parents to psychologists like the problem is psychological. Yuck, yuck, yuck. The psychologists in question especially those who take said kids into bogus therapy have one bogus sorter and other need to have their heads examined. Not the kids in question children should be toilet trained completely over and done with by their second birthdays. In the mid 1950s, Harvard in conjunction with several other unnecessarily expensive places to send your kids founded close to 90% of American children 24 months of age 24 months of age, had been accident free for a month, which means toilet training began back then in the 1950s. And before, at between 18 and 22 months on average. Our children trained simple. They were told, in calm but no uncertain terms to put their pee and poop in the toilet. When a child had accident, he was not told it was all right. Which is what parents tell their kids today he was told it was not all right. Not angrily, mind you, but sternly forcefully, and he was made to clean up the mess. Today a psychologist might tell a parent who uses the 1950s approach to toilet training that she's traumatizing her child, which is simply more proof that psychologists especially when it comes to children are full of hogwash. As I said, I've written an entire book toilet training without tantrums on the subject. So I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here read the book. It's nothing more than a spin on how children were toilet trained before people with capital letters after their names, began inventing and scaring parents half to death with toilet training boogie men like pediatrician teaberry Brazel tongue for example, who came up with what he called, quote, child centered toilet training and quote Brazel turn propose a toilet training shouldn't even be attempted to hold a child exhibited 10 readiness sigh. How did Brazel turn come up? With the 10 readiness signs in question. He pulled them out of his head he made them up. Brazel often claim for example, that flushing pee and poop down the toilet could be traumatic for a child who had not developed something called object permanence. Which appraisal often said didn't develop until a child was at least two years old, at least wrong. object permanence develops between nine and 12 months, folks. Furthermore, there's zero evidence that object permanence has anything to do with the success of toilet training. Or the children are traumatized by seeing their poop get flushed down the toilet. But because Brazel tun was a Harvard professor and chief of pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital, one of the most prestigious children's hospitals in America to this day, no one thought to disagree with them. not publicly anyway. And so his child centered toilet training advice which amounted to the dingdong notion that children would train themselves when they were ready to be trained, was promoted by pediatricians and still is. And as a result, a process that used to take three days to a week quickly turned into a parent's most anxiety arousing and frustration producing hurdle of the preschool years today. It's not unusual to find a child of three or even four, who isn't using the toilet reliably. That's the sort of price. Folks we are paying for listening to professional advice when it comes to raising children. Except mine that is, but then my advice isn't really mine. It's usually nothing more than what your great grandmother would have given you. It's just old school common sense. I hope. I am told, most people who read my toilet training book and do what I say tells me it took three days to a week to train their child. But keep in mind one of the things I say is toilet train before your child's second birthday. Or you may end up with a one year old dog on your hands. Read the book. Okay. So to the second question from the mother in question, how can i She asks, prevent my two year old from aggressing toward my one year old, separate them. Keep the one year old and one room behind baby gates like two big playpen, toss a lot of toys in there. And keep the two year old out of there and tell him he can't go into the baby's room because he hurts the baby. And no, that's not going to cause the two year old to develop a psychological problem be resentful of his younger sibling or any other such dingdong hogwash. It's going to prevent the two year old from hurting the one year old. And it's going to make the two year old want to be with his younger sibling. And he's eventually going to figure out a ha. If I want to be with my younger sibling, I must not hurt him. So separate them completely for about two weeks and that allow the two year old into the one year olds playpen room for a short period of time. He gets rough, stay cool, calm and collected. Separate them again per week, then try it again. Eventually, the two year old is going to stop behaving aggressively toward the infant. How do I know? Well, I've been recommending that approach to that problem which is common to toddlers if they have, you know, infant siblings for years. And I've never, not once heard of it failing. Again, stop my advice. Something your great grandmother will told you. Last week I spoke on the madness that has infiltrated American child rearing since I was a child. Without exception, the Madness has been manufactured by mental health and medical professionals. Don't forget as I say that, that I am a psychologist I am licensed by the state of North Carolina to practice psychology when I say that 99% of the parenting advice that's come out of the mental health and medical professions over the last 50 years is madness. I know what I'm talking about folks. I know because as a result of my graduate school and duck pronation, my wife and I were swept up in the madness for the first 10 years or so my career. And then we had an awakening. I've spoken of it many times. And I rejected the madness and because I had a national platform. My nationally syndicated newspaper column which appeared at the time and probably 750 newspapers around the United States of America before half of them discovered that I was a Christian and a political conservative and canceled me until that time, the powers that be or after that time the powers that Be in the mental health professions came after me with a vengeance. Once they realized I was no longer promoting the party line, they came after me folks with a vengeance. They tried to cancel me that tried to take my license away. They refused to let me join their professional organizations, concerning which a quote from Groucho Marx comes to mind. They forced me to allow other psychologists to read my columns before I printed them, and so on. What reason explains the vengeance other than I was telling the public with the powers that be, did not want the public to hear mostly I was telling people what I'm going to tell you right now. Psychology does not qualify as a science. When you see a psychologist about your child or heaven forbid, take your child to see a psychologist. That's all like taking your child to a doctor physicians or medical scientists, psychologists or philosophers who embrace a point of view concerning human behavior that's never never, ever been confirmed by scientific research and evidence. When it comes to children's psychologists don't know what they're talking about. There may be exceptions, I'm sure there are. But I've been doing what I'm doing for 50 years. And I have found few exceptions. And they have been far between psychology has caused more problems than it solves or that your average psychologist even knows how to solve. Psychologists hide their ineptitude behind their standard routine of giving bogus tests, giving bogus diagnoses and prescribing or recommending bogus medication. Tests that mean whatever psychologists want them to mean, diagnoses that have no medical or scientific validity. medications that have never reliably outperformed placebos in clinical trials. Since American parents began taking their marching orders from people in the mental health professions, all of whom practice psychology by the way, regardless of what they call themselves, family therapists, clinical social workers, blah, blah, blah, they're all the same. Since American parents began taking their marching orders from those people, the mental health of children, as plummeted. The mental health of kids today is 10 times worse. And that's probably a conservative figure than the mental health of children in the 1950s. When I was a kid, and before I went to a high school of 5000 students in the suburbs of Chicago folks proviso West High School. During the four years I was there at proviso West. No one committed suicide. No one had to be removed from school because of anorexia or an anxiety disorder, clinical depression. And my high school experience was not unique. It's not a one off. My experience is echoed by everyone and I mean, everyone my age, with whom I have ever spoken, concerning the subject. Our parents, members of the so called Greatest Generation raised us early baby boomers according to principles that came straight out of the Bible. Even atheists, parents, my parents, for example. Even atheist parents, raised children according to biblical values, they probably didn't realize they were doing so but they were. Our mental health was imperfect but our mental health as a group was 10 times better than the mental health of today's kids. When I was a child. Nobody my age was seeing a therapist or even needed to see one TODAY'S KIDS. Really all of them are going to see a therapist before they're 16 and the mental health of children despite all the therapy despite all the pharmaceuticals despite all the screening procedures, mental health of today's kids has gone down the toilet. We need to wake up people. America's public schools are trying purposefully to corrupt our children and grandchildren, many of America's churches. I'll call them out the Episcopal Church The United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church USA, and others have embraced woke values and gone over to the dark, dark side, they can't be trusted with teaching our children and grandchildren sound principles of living. I mean, there are actually churches in America that are hosting drag shows and drag story hours for children. The implicit message of which is, Hey, kid, if you want to have some real fun, the LGBTQ plus lifestyle is the place for you. America's schools and churches are trying to corrupt our children and grandchildren, not all some many lots. By telling them lies about gender and human sexuality. And America's mental health industry. Trying to corrupt our children by telling them lies about themselves lies that involve bogus diagnoses and bogus medications and bogus therapies. Tanya folks lying to children has become an industry in this country. Karl Marx understood that the way to destroy a culture was through the hearts and minds of children. Mao Zedong understood that Hitler understood that Stalin understood that don't ever say it could never happen in America, folks. Because listen, it's already happening. I started this podcast by talking about toilet training and ended by talking about how the woke movement is trying to corrupt our children. Those two topics don't seem on the surface of things to be connected, but they are. They're both lies. Lies are what you're getting from mental health professionals concerning toilet training. And just about everything else regarding children and allies are what the move the woke movement is all about. So I'm glad you join me again, or for the first time and hope your mind was stimulated and challenged. And that you will continue to join me every week. Please help me out here by spreading the word to your friends and relatives, and even your favorite liberals. I'd love to drive them crazy. I will end this week's podcast with a pertinent quote from Headley, Lamar. You can still find it the quote is from the movie Blazing Saddles, which in my estimation, is one of the greatest movies ever. And it's certainly anti woke, Headley Lama said, my mind is a raging torrent flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives. Sometimes, I feel a lot like Headley keep on rockin in the free world people