Because I Said So!

Normalizing Pedophilia: The Inevitable Next Step in the Long Game

June 06, 2023 John Rosemond Season 1 Episode 10
Because I Said So!
Normalizing Pedophilia: The Inevitable Next Step in the Long Game
Because I Said So! with John Rosemond
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One of my favorite country songs is Waylon Jennings' "The World's Gone Crazy Cotillion." Waylon was a prophet, for sure. If I was to select a theme song for this podcast, "TWGCC" would be it. The lesson to be learned is, never say, "That would never happen." It's happening.

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Got yourself children they all be he's running while you pray they keep you up all night long on the radio show because I Hello out there this is your host John Rosemond Dan, you're listening to another exciting episode of because I said though, as my regular listeners know, I am a psychologist, licensed as such, in fact, by the state of North Carolina. And as regular listeners also know, I don't believe in psychology. Psychology does not qualify as science. Its diagnoses are not objectively verifiable as as say cancer, meaning they're fake. They're reliable effectiveness of any psychological therapy has yet to be verified. practice standards for psychologists basically translate to if you can convince someone you're doing therapy, then you are doing therapy. The ethical standards of psychology specify that a psychologist must not mislead the public into believing something that isn't true. Will folks believe me here if that standard were to be enforced psychology would no longer exist. All it does is mislead the public. In that regard, I've been telling the public what I've just shared with you for going on 30 years. My licensing board the North Carolina psychology board knows full well the nature of my accusations have they called me up on charges of misleading the public know why? Because they don't have a leg to stand on. If they charged me with an ethical violation based on my public statements, I will sue them. And I will when they know that because in 2013, I sued the Kentucky psychology board for attempting to suppress my right to free speech and one ads down in federal court 2015. The profession of psychology and America does not want to try and defend their game of smoke and mirrors when the whole world figuratively speaking, is watching. And so I continue to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the deceptions of psychology and the mental health professions in general. Mind you, I'm not accusing psychologists, individuals, psychologists of being liars. My experience leads to the belief that most psychologists don't know they're lying. Early on in my career, for example, I didn't know I was misleading people in my mind. My profession was legitimate. And I was simply doing what psychologists were trained and expected to do. It took me more than 25 years of being a psychologist before I woke up fully to the truth. Again, I don't think most psychologists know they're lying. But then there are those who are lying and they know they're lying and they keep right online. The psychiatry psychiatrists for example, once told me that when he and his colleagues gather in small groups, the conversation often gets around to everyone and betting that what they're telling their patients and the public has absolutely no basis in science. But they keep right on misleading our patients and the public because it came out that they were lying that they were making things up. They'd no longer be able to support their lavish Country Club lifestyles. Pregnant pragmatism is a wonderful thing. A recent example of what I'm talking about is the fact that the World Health organization who who recently declassified gender identity disorder as a mental illness. To my knowledge that's only happened once before in 19 7350 years ago when the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental illness. Think about that for a minute. There have only been two times that a category of mental illness has been declassified. And both have involved human sexuality. Now it's important to realize that if some set of behaviors isn't a mental illness, then logic demands that the set of behaviors in question is normal. Ergo, if homosexuality isn't a mental illness, then homosexuality is normal. It's merely a values neutral set of behaviors that lies within the ever growing spectrum of human sexuality. To use the most recent example of a biological male dressing up like a woman claiming to be a woman, or a biological female, dressing like a man and claiming to actually be a man is no longer a mental illness than so called transgenderism is normal. Furthermore, and paradoxically, anyone who says that transgenderism isn't normal is mentally ill. He or she is trans phobic. If you look up phobia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the diagnostic Bible of the mental health professions you will discover that phobias have not been declassified. So anyone who disagrees with the American Psychiatric Association or the World Health Organization, concerning homosexuality or transgenderism is mentally ill? Because those things are normal. Can you think of any physical diseases that have been declassified as physical diseases I can't. Leukemia is still an illness as his high blood pressure stroke cancer, cysts, acne, bursitis, arthritis, osteoporosis and allergy to peanuts. Apparently, only mental illnesses can suddenly magically by vote, become no longer mental illnesses. In other words, a certain mental illness is only a mental illness because a consensus of psychologists types say it is. But if the consensus flips then the mental illness in question is no longer a mental illness. Well, ah. So follow my reasoning here. If the supposed reality of a mental illness is strictly a matter of professional consensus, then knows supposed mental illness has reality. To give an example, diabetes is not a reality because a majority of physicians say so. The reality of diabetes can be ascertained objectively. So logically, the D classifications of homosexuality and transgenderism mean that all categories of mental illness should be declassified, even schizophrenia. You think I'm being over the top? Consider, then, that in some primitive cultures, at least up until recently, people with symptoms of what is called schizophrenia. People who heard voices that no one else heard, saw things that no one else saw. People who claim the ability to commune with the dead were highly regarded within their cultures. Isn't it therefore bigoted? For relatively wealthy, wealthy Westerners, to regard those people as mentally ill, well, yes, it is. So by the same reasoning process by which homosexuality and gender identity disorder transgenderism have been declassified, so should schizophrenia be declassified? And if schizophrenia is declassified then so should all mental disorders be declassified? Actually, as absurd as that may sound, it would be a step in the right direction because there's not one mental illness diagnosis that contains any medical or scientific validity whatsoever. None of them can be proven to exist. They're all constructs and constructs only. They're things that were made up out of word of possession can prove that your child has leukemia. A sick psychologist, on the other hand, cannot prove that your child has something he calls attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A ADHD is a construct and nothing more. ADHD can't be isolated in a laboratory grown in a petri dish or quantified in any reliable way. The test that psychologists use to diagnose ADHD are given for the sole purpose of creating the illusion that the diagnosis is arrived at through some scientific process, when that is as far from the truth as far from the truth can get. Okay. So someone out there in my listening audience is asking, Well, John, if my bipolar disorder is nothing but a construct, how is it that if I don't take my prescribed psychiatric medicine I'm very likely to have a bipolar episode? And my answer is, because like most people, you're highly susceptible to the placebo effect. But I'm not taking a placebo the same individual in my audience shouts Ah, but yes, you are sorry to tell you. No psychiatric drug. None zero. nada, zilch. Has Ever reliably outperformed a placebo in controlled clinical trials. Therefore, all psychiatric drugs are placebos. Psychiatric Drugs differ from placebos in three important respects, however, first, they are expensive placebos. Secondly, they are placebos with dangerous side effects. And third, they create biochemical imbalances. So the same person who's was shouting at me before comes back with Oh, but John, my therapist tells me the drug I'm taking will correct. My bio chemical imbalance, I know what he's told you. That's what he's learned he should tell you. And what he's telling you, is a lie. The verifiable fact that psychiatric medicines don't reliably outperform placebos in clinical trials is why the Food and Drug Administration uses entirely different standards. When it comes to approving or not approving psychiatric drugs and versus the standards they used to, that drugs designed to treat verifiable physical diseases like leukemia, diseases that can be objectively verified. If the FDA use the same standards for psychiatric and non psychiatric drugs, no psychiatric drug would ever receive its approval. None. So because the FDA is in bed with Big Pharma. They use one standard for psychiatric drugs and a completely different standard on drugs designed to treat verifiable biological disease. By the way, this stuff about biochemical imbalances is part of the scam. To know when someone has a biochemical imbalance requires being able to first quantify a state of biochemical balance. No one's ever done that. In fact, it can't be done impossible to do, which is why a leading psychiatry US has said that the term biochemical imbalance is quote, nothing but a useful metaphor and quote, nothing but a useful metaphor is a polite way of saying it's a lie. And how is the metaphor useful? Pray tell why it's useful in persuading people with dysfunctional behavior of one sort or another that their problems lie within their biology and therefore can only be treated. In the same way physical disease is treated with drugs. I told you to deny the FDA is in bed with Big Pharma and the bed is narrower than a cot. But back to my original point D classifying homosexuality and gender identity disorder both of which refer to some aspect of human sexuality. That's no coincidence. The common denominator of both classifications is sex. So, question, where are we going with this? That's an easy question to answer. We're headed slowly but surely toward declassifying pedophilia, as a mental disorder toward normalizing it. I predicted this very thing 20 years ago, the progression first, declassify homosexuality then declassified so called gender identity disorder, virtually demand that the next mental disorder to be declassified is going to be pedophilia. I persist in telling everyone who will listen to psychology is fake science featuring unproven, unproven theories, fake tests, fake diagnoses fake therapies. Since I was in graduate school, the profession of psychology, I'm using psychology to include all the mental health professions like clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, blah, blah, blah. The profession of psychology since I was in graduate school, late 60s, early 70s as developed into one of the most if not the single most woke professions in America. First, they declassify and Norm normalize homosexuality. Okay. Hear me clearly, folks. I don't think homosexuals have a mental disorder. I think they have a moral disorder. Okay, after the professional psychology D classifies homosexuality, then they declassified gender identity disorder. So hear me clearly again, I don't think transgenderism is a mental disorder. I think transgender people are simply wrong and confused and that their wrongness concerning themselves can be proven using irrefutable objective evidence. I'm merely saying that the next logical step in this progression of the declassification of sexually themed behaviors is the declassification of pedophilia, no doubt about it. Along that line is significant to note there, there is currently a movement afoot to rename pedophiles as quote, minor attracted persons and quote, minor attracted persons minor as in M I N O are not like people who dig or out of the ground. Children according to sociology, Professor Alan Walker of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia using the term a minor attracted persons with D stigmatize people who want to have sex with children. And Lord knows these folks need to be d stigmatized? Because I mean, let's face it being stigmatized. Well, that's not nice. It implies that the people in question have something wrong with them and we don't want to do that. Oh, no. That might make them feel bad about themselves. might even make them feel guilty. And we wouldn't want that because they have a right self esteem. aiming to be guilt free, just like everyone else, right? Wrong. We're talking about people here who don't have a functioning conscience, folks. We're talking about sociopathy. Every civilized culture has banned adult to child sexual relations every civilized culture. In fact, one could say that such a ban is a sign of a civilized culture. Believe me declassifying pedophilia is as a mental disorder would be a giant step toward the normalization of pedophilia. Remember, that's what has happened with homosexuality since it was declassified 1973. That's the direction we're headed with transgenderism. And now we have academics like Professor Alan Walker of Old Dominion University saying, We ought not to call pedophiles pedophiles, that we ought to de stigmatize them by calling them simply minor attracted persons. Like wanting to have sex with a child is no different from wanting to have sex with another adult. It's just a different form of attraction. No more morally significant than wanting ice cream for dessert instead of apple pie. It's just a preference. And presumably in the world of postmodern woke ism, all preferences are equal. But being serious had significant to note that pedophiles are using the same disingenuous argument used by homosexuals and transgender people to wit. They can't help it. Their brains are wired for the case of pedophilia being sexually adrak attracted to children, even though there is zero and zero. Printable scientifically gathered evidence the effect that homosexuality is built into a person's genes or some other aspect of their biology. Even though there's zero scientific evidence that a man who claims to be ill woman or vice versa is making a verifiable claim. The usual elites in the mass media, Hollywood and academia are solidly behind these claims. And so the credulous sheep among us believe these unscientific claims. And believe me, there are plenty of credulous sheep among us. Who think that if the talking heads at CNN say something is a fact and Lady Gaga says that the same something is a fact that must be a fact. Pedophilia advocates are calling for the legal age of consent to be lowered or even completely abolished. They maintain that pedophiles are victims of a culture who will not accept that for an adult to yearn for sex with a child is no different than an adult male yearning for sex with another adult male you get that? The world of woke people who think pedophiles should be locked up or bigots and pedophiles. People who prey sexually upon children are by the magic of woke ism victim. For the last 40 years we've witnessed the gradual sexualization of children. trend has been reflected in the clothing children are being marketed and parents are allowing them to wear. clothing that especially clothing for girls that by a common sense standard is provocative and attracts the attention of certain adult males who quite honestly in their defense cannot tell times tell that the female wearing said clothing is in fact a minor. The sexualization of children is reflected in the international trafficking of children for sexual purposes, which is even going on here in the land of the free and the home. With a brave it's reflected in child prostitution rings that exists solely to satisfy the perverse sexual appetites of wealthy men. In addition, we have a stealth movement afoot to lower the age of consent to 12. There is controversy as to whether late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did or did not support that movement. But a literal reading of her opinion on the issue seems to confirm that she did, in fact, support it. The left her guards Ginsburg is one of their patron saints, which speaks volumes about the left, folks we're headed in the very direction I first predicted at least 20 years ago. The declassification and normalization of pedophilia, for those who would scoff. Let me point out that in the 1950s people, scoffed at the idea that homosexuality would ever be as widely accepted, as it is today. When even many Christian denominations are celebrating it. As recently as 20 years ago, people scoffed at the idea that transgenderism would be as prominent an issue as it has become in the United States. So good people don't scoff at the idea that the next sexual aberration to be normalized, will be pedophilia. Keep your eyes wide open and on the road ahead, folks. We seem to be driving straight into the pages of the book of Revelation. I'm John Roseman. This has been because I said so well weekly podcasts that I hope you continue tuning into. You can also go to my website at parent parent For more information about me and my ministry to fam in the meantime, folks, keep on rockin on the pre work