Because I Said So!

The Transgender Charade

May 09, 2023 Season 1 Episode 6
Because I Said So!
The Transgender Charade
Because I Said So! with John Rosemond
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The transgender movement is not about males competing in female sports or drag shows or males demanding to use women's bathrooms. Those are distractions. The transgender movement is an attack on objective truth, theism, and parents' rights. The term "gender-affirming care" is the oxymoron of the century, if not of all time. Be prepared!

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Welcome back to because I said so with your host, John Rosemond Vivec. I believe that's how you pronounce his name Rama Swami. Again, I believe that's how you pronounce his name. He's an interesting guy for a number of reasons. He founded a successful biotechnology firm. He founded in investing firm that rejected investments then politically correct causes like the solar and wind energy scams, and he is the first person to announce his candidacy for the Republican Party Party nomination for president in 2024. But perhaps the most interesting thing about Vivec Ramaswamy is his penchant for speaking his mind. He is in other words, and whether he would like the comparison or not a politician of the Donald Trump ilk. In that last regard, Mr. Ramaswamy recently said publicly, that and, you know, not pretty many people are saying this kind of stuff because they're intimidated by the mainstream media and canceled culture. But he said, and this is indication of the fact that he speaks his mind. refreshingly, Mr. Ramaswamy recently said that transgender activist, Dylan Mulvaney, who recently inspired Kid Rock, to unload an AR 15, on a couple of cases of Bud Light beer, might need mental health services. It's not actionable because he said might. So a little background here Mr. Mulvaney is called by the mainstream medium, a transgender woman. Well, and you can take this to the bank. Mr. Mulvaney is not a woman by any stretch of the imagination. Mr. Mulvaney was born a male. When he was born, he had a full complement of male D and A and an individual with mailed d n, a cannot wish himself into becoming a woman. He can dress like a woman, which Mulvaney does, that's called cross dressing. He can apply makeup to his face which Mulvaney does, he can have a surgeon mutilate his body which I am told, Mr. Mulvaney has not done he will only say that he has had plastic surgery dawn on his face, which if that's as far as he has taken, his transgender charade simply means Mr. Mulvaney is hedging his bets, in case he wants to change his mind at some point in time in the future. Mr. Mulvaney can do all of that, when the day is done, the lights are out. Mr. Mulvaney is still Mr. Mulvaney. As I said a moment ago, I refused to go along with this transgender charade, as does Vivec Ramaswamy to his credit, so I will not use female pronouns with her with reference to Mulvaney or refer to him as a transgender woman. He's a man and he will forever be a man. Now, having said that, I am in danger of being accused of being a hater and perpetuating aggression against transgender people. So let me be clear, I don't care if a person over age 21 In other words, and adult in every legal sense, decide adds that he wants to pretend he is really a she or she is really a he and wants to dress themselves accordingly. I do not think, however, that physician should cooperate in this masquerade, by providing these odd people with hormone blockers, or performing surgeries on them, I believe physicians who do that sort of thing, especially concerning children, who have been manipulated by adults, including their parents and to transgenderism, or are guilty of malpractice and should have their licenses permanently revoked, and even penalized with steep fines and significant jail time. But if an adult woman wants to put on a disguise, and pretend to be someone they're not, if they want to do Halloween, 365 days a year, I don't care. We're not hurting anyone by simply doing that. Oh, and by the way, I believe parents who facilitate fantasies of Mr. Mulvaney sorts in their children are just plain sick. They have by definition proven they are not capable of acting in their children's best interests. And I believe their children under the circumstances need to be rescued from what is clearly a toxic upbringing. Around the same time, I was reading about the Mr. Mulvaney affair, I read an article about a California public school that enabled an 11 year old boy to begin receiving what is called gender affirming care. That term wins the prize for oxymoron of the century. gender affirming care, they enabled this 11 year old boy his public school, fifth grade, enabled this child without informing his parents what they were up to, to begin receiving gender affirming care, to be more specific, an 11 year old boy that would be in most cases, boy in the fifth grade, tells his teachers one day that he thinks he's really a girl. It also tells them, he's afraid to tell his parents that he's really a girl, because they think they're raising a boy. So the school, a government school, not a public school, because public schools no longer operate in the public's best interest. They are government schools. And they are leftist government schools. The school in question decides that if an 11 year old fifth grade boy thinks he is a girl, he must be a girl. And if he's afraid to tell his parents that he's a girl and wants to become a girl, they're going to help him. And furthermore, they will conspire to keep all of that a secret from his parents. Okay, so let's look at this rationally, folks. I remember being 11 years old, I'm sure you do, too. Most of you anyway. I did not know it then. But I was stupid when I was 11. And by the way, it's safe to say that I was the smartest kid in my class. Nonetheless, I was stupid. 11 year olds have no idea how the real world works, which is why they're not allowed to vote, are not allowed to serve in the military. They're not allowed to drink. They shouldn't even be allowed to vote for class president in fact, because the class president is chosen by other students fifth grade solely on the base of popularity, which is proof of their general stupidity. Adults should choose class presidents all the way through high school. Do you remember being 11 years old? Do you really think you could have understood the long term consequences to yourself of deciding that you were really and truly not the gender defined by your biology, your DNA, but rather the gender defined by some crazy 11 year old thought that popped into your head one day? Allow me to answer that question for you know, you could not have understood the long term consequences to yourself of making that decision. and following through on it. So, here we have an 11 year old boy who tells his teachers that he thinks he's a girl. And the teachers tell their administrators and all of these supposedly responsible adults, they're all college educated decided that the boy needed help becoming a girl and that because the boys said he's afraid to tell his parents, these supposedly responsible adults, decided to keep the fact that they were helping him receive gender affirming care, a secret from his parents. That is clearly criminal. There's no two ways about it criminal. The adults in question, however, do not feel they've done anything wrong. They feel they've done something that qualifies them for the Academy Award for most morally superior performance of the century. Here's a fact about people who believe they are morally superior. They have no sense of shame. Therefore, they are sociopaths. narcissists to the 10th magnitude, the 10th being as narcissistic, and sociopathic as one can get. I've since read of several similar cases that have occurred in states other than California. In every instance, parents in question are suing the public school more accurately called government school in question. They're suing the school. They're suing the teachers. They're suing suing the administrators for conspiring to provide male children of elementary school age, with so called gender affirming care, without informing the child's parents. Isn't that fascinating? Increasingly, it would seem people in various walks of life, including prominent people like Vivek Ramaswamy, and Kid Rock, and dare I say, Me, are coming out publicly against transgenderism. That's good for several reasons. Reason number one, an adult who claims he is a she or she is a he is simply wrong. And his or her claim should not be given any legal basis whatsoever. Note, I'm a psychologist, but I do not say these people are crazy, because that is a subjective and unprovable hypothesis. But to say they are wrong, can be proven using objective evidence like DNA samples. Second, reason number two, a child who is manipulated by adults of the mainstream media or social media and to claiming that he is a she or she is a he has been manipulated, plain and simple. In that regard, let me tell you a story. My daughter when she was around five years of age and announced to my wife and myself one day that she was a boy. She even told her told us what her new boy name was, which I forget, that was forgettable. I gave that about three seconds of thought and said door that's fine, Amy, you can be a boy in your room. That's why children have their own rooms. So they can pretend to be whatever they want to be. So you can be a boy in a room your room or you can be a dinosaur you can be a ghost or whatever else you want to be. But you may not pretend to be a boy or a dinosaur or a ghost anywhere else now's concerning your claim to be a boy, we already have a boy your older brother, we don't want another one. Got that? And that was the end of it. That's the way to talk to children when they come up with crazy ideas. By the way, don't criticize them. Don't get upset, don't don't engage them. And why do you feel that way? Honey? Conversations just speak straightforwardly using few words and act like an authority figure who is worthy of their respect. Okay, now I'm going to seem like I'm going off topic, but believe me. This is not off topic. So bear with bam, I'm going to be very much on topic here. Karl Marx, the 19th century German fellow who articulated the fundamental principles of communism and his books and widely circulated 19th century pamphlets said that communism would not triumph in a culture unless the traditional family unit was destroyed. Think Black Lives Matter folks. Destroying the traditional family is explicitly stated in their charter or whatever you call it. Mark said that communism could not triumph in a culture unless the traditional family unit was destroyed and children were successfully persuaded to look to the state, the government and not their parents for their security and well being is very relevant, the topic at hand very relevant to the topic of children and transgenderism and so called gender affirming care. Because let me point out in the life of today's child, and other than his or her parents, there is no greater and influence on how said child thinks, than the government, school, or school of any sort, he or she attends. In fact, in terms of time spent with teachers versus time spent with parents, it could be argued that most kids are more influenced by teachers, than they are influenced by their parents. So when I went to school, the values that my teachers held and espoused in the classroom, aligned with my parents values, they were core biblical values, like be truthful to your best, respect your elders, love your neighbor, be kind and so on. But in the case of today's teachers whose significant degree and especially government school teachers, but increasingly true of teachers in private and even nominally Christian schools, the values they hold in a spouse in the classroom, are not in alignment with the values of mainstream America, much less biblical, quite the contrary, their secular humanist, progressive values, one of which is that children have a right to express themselves freely. That right to free expression is built into one of the most socialist progressive documents ever crafted by the mischievous mind of man. I'm talking about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child signed by President Bill Clinton in 1993. But never ratified by the United States Senate, thanks largely to the late great North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, God rest his soul. The nefarious idea that children should be allowed to express themselves freely as a driving force the driving force behind so called gender affirming care for children. Understand, please, that the same people who think children should be allowed to express themselves freely, also believe that a child's choices concerning Himself should be put on an equal plane with an adult's choices. They should be taken seriously honored and accommodated to the greatest degree possible. So, because the mainstream media including the internet media that is blasting away at the brains of children whose parents make the mistake of letting their children have the vices through which said blasting occurs relentlessly because these media sources are promoting the notion to children, that they may be a gender different from the gender defined by their DNA and recorded on their birth certificates. Children being the impressionable little people that they are and the emotionally driven little people that they are, and playfully imaginative little people that they are being led to question their natural genders. Maybe some of these kids tell their parents that they're questioning their natural genders. And their parents scoff and say something along the lines of no you're not Forget it. Don't bring that up again, unless you're interested in seeing how mad I can become some of those kids seeking someone who will understand and talk to them sympathetically about their wild idea. Tell their teachers about their questioning and some of those teachers representing one of the most progressive professions in America since the opportunity to prove how morally superior they are to their peers and their superiors and affirm to these kids that if they think they're in the wrong bodies, they must be in the wrong bodies. If they children, elementary school think they're in the wrong bodies, they must be in the wrong bodies. And so these teachers tell their administrators who've been told that transgenderism is not childish fantasy that it's real. And the kids who claim transgenderism need to be helped, affirmed. His administrators call Child Protective Services and report that the kids in question are afraid to tell their parents that they're in the wrong bodies and Child Protective Services then gets a psychologist and a trans sympathetic Doctor involved. And all of these intimidating adults interview the child. All this is happening without the parents knowledge, mind you, and so called gender affirming care began. What I'm saying to you folks is that so called gender affirming care is an attack on parents rights. That's what it's all about. It's a blatant in your face, egregious assault on the right of parents to have the final say, concerning the values their children are taught. The final say concerning the content of their education's final, say concerning their upbringing. This gender affirming care? Well, you know, what they're referring to here is if the child says, I'm a girl, and the child is biologically a male, then to affirm the child's claim to being a girl is care. That's care, you get this. So this gender affirming care again, I call it the oxymoron of the century. This gender affirming care Fiat fiasco is Karl Marx. Speaking from beyond the grave, it's the attempt to wrest control, child rearing from parents and transfer it to the state. The players in this drama are America's government schools. Which is why I am a strong, unequivocal supporter of homeschooling. Some parents say to me, by the way, oh, John, I don't think I'd be very good at homeschooling. And my responses, you know, you may not be very good at homeschooling, but you're going to do a better job of schooling your children than America's government schools. As another player is the American Psychological Association, which represents the most and I am a psychologist folks, licensed by the state of North Carolina. My license was duly received from the North Carolina psychology board writ which regrets the day they ever gave me a license, for reasons that will become increasingly obvious as you listen to this podcast. So here we have America's government schools. The American Psychological Association, which take it from me as a psychologist, represents the most atheistic liberal profession in this country. Another player is government social work agencies also populated largely by liberal atheist elites. The American Medical Association, which no longer represents the Hippocratic Oath, but represents instead the wishes of Big Pharma, which represents nothing but the all mighty dollar. Folks freedom, freedom. The most precious, precious commodity of all, freedom, freedom begins with the one freedom not explicitly stated in the Bill of Rights I think it wasn't explicitly stated because the founding fathers thought come on, you don't need to. You don't need to put that in the Bill of Rights. I mean, everybody knows that. freedom begins with the one freedom not explicitly stated in the Bill of Rights, the freedom within the boundaries of common sense pours of parents to raise their children without government interference in our time. The biggest threat to our freedoms, therefore, is represented by the transgender movement, and so called gender affirming care, which is often initiated without parental consent. And that threat begins in America's government schools. Schools, whose allegiance is not to the family. As the schools I attended, believed their allegiance to be. But schools that believe that their allegiance is to the state. The added the antidote to this attack on parental rights is threefold. First, teach your children biblical values. Read the Bible to them frequently beginning early in their lives and engage them in discussion about it. Second, keep your children away from the moral poisons that are spewing from smart devices beginning with smartphones. Don't be naive people. Parental Controls are a joke. They are meaningless. In every school in America, there's a kid who for $5 will deactivate the parental controls you've put on your kids phone. Do not let your kids have smartphones until two conditions have been satisfied. One they are able to pay for the phone and the monthly bills without your help to bear no longer living in your home. And third, home school, your children. It is your right? exercise it. This is John Rosemond. And that's been another episode of The Greatest parenting podcast ever. Because I said so